arboretum - new to store ...

This morning Idle & Blessed spent some quality time at Trolley Studio with Miss Marci unwrapping my latest print run of folded cards titled Arboretum...

This set of five cards feature details of tropical flowers and plants I have taken over the last few years in Far North Queensland and 'tweaked' with love... This series of cards combine my original images + text and are printed with a striking gloss finish that saturates colour and enhances detail.  

These cards will be available for sale separately @ $4.50ea or as a Gift Pack of five folded cards with a Djarragun Postcard for $22.00 [see below]...

All folded cards are sold with envelopes.

To purchase Idle & Blessed cards you can:

  • drop into Trolley Studio, Gordonvale
  • email your details to idleandblessed@gmail.com
  • stay tuned for Miss Marci's Creative Spaces

Bulk orders of Idle & Blessed cards are available on request.

for more information see Stockists